Mission and goals

"Cittadilazise.it" aims to be an instrument of enhancement of the territory through the promotion, but also the search for synergies with companies and associations, to highlight the human, entrepreneurial, historical and landscape resources that we along the path of environmental and economic sustainability.
Nb. Cittadilazise.it does not operate on behalf of the Municipality of Lazise.

Promotion of Lazise (and fractions) through website and social:

Through this portal, and the social media connected, we share daily content that concerns Lazise and Fractions: videos, images, articles, events and initiatives, with a constant "digital" interaction with tourists, visitors and locals.

Historical and cultural promotion:

This section is in continuous development, in search of original texts and images of our precious historical and cultural heritage.

Events and Experiences:

We promote in Italian, English and German languages through the portal and social media the most relevant events, which are held on the territory of Lazise (and Fractions). We promote on request events and initiatives organized by commercial activities on Lazise, related to tourism or not.

We offer experiences and activities, for guests, visitors and locals, including:

Cycling Tours

Tastings in the cellar

Colour Me Wine!

Promoting economic realities:

On this portal, more than 200 activities of Lazise and Fractions are currently included free of charge, not only related to the tourism sector but also that relate to local services (surveyors, lawyers, accountants etc.), with a basic tab that includes category , an image and location; we want to offer you different possibilities to give visibility to your reality on our portal and through interaction on social media.
We want to interact with our partner companies, supporting and creating initiatives that involve them.ty and for the purposes of the project itself: all our employees currently reside in Lazise.

All the contents of the site (images and texts) are our own production and property: it is forbidden to copy or reproduce without explicit consent.

If you want to support our project, whether you are company or private, do it here through Paypal