Le Ginestre

The knowledge of a territory and its peculiarities, passes through the people who in these spaces, devote passion, time and toil, to preserve and improve it.

At The Ginestre, the Ruffato family has been dedicated for decades to viticulture, olive cultivation, wine production and the well-being of their customers who want to relax here. Visiting the company together with Marco and Barbara you can see the vineyard in its types and stages of growth, understand how grapes get to become wine, through the use of equipment and wine techniques. Sipping a white Garganega or a Chiaretto, firm or sparkling wine, we will begin our journey into the world of wine on Lake Garda. By teasing Verona's charcuterie and cheese, we will taste different types of red, fresh, fruity or structured wines. Let us not forget the proof of our extra virgin olive oil, yummy on the bread crouton, fruity and delicate as only our Garda territory can give.

With the opportunity to sit inside the vineyard in front of the pressing cellar, the excitement of a good glass of wine will be ensured.

On request transport of guests to the cellar and return

  • Availability: daily (including March to October)
  • Times: 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Duration: about 2 h.
  • What you do: Guided tour of the winery with wine and oil tasting, snack in the vineyard
    (if the weather allows) with a taste of Verona's charcuterie and cheese.
  • Languages spoken: Italian / German /English
  • Minimum number of participants: 2 - max 40 - (major numbers on demand at notice)
  • Ability to buy wines at the end of the tasting
  • Booking warning time: about 48 hours
  • Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/s5YHtroKV6XaVQYp8)

Cost per person:
2-4 people plus 29 per person
5-10 people plus 25 per person

contact us for large group solutions

For information and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Call (39) 380 6329945

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