The Church of Our Lady of the Snow in Lazise, originally dedicated to St. George the Martyr, was built during the X-XI century. as a chapel. With the development of the village it became a parish until, due to the destruction caused by the fall of the Lanzichenecchi between 1526 and 1530, the church, since it was located outside the wall edits of the village, was abandoned and the parish seat was transferred to the nearby private church dedicated to the Virgin, located inside the castle. In 1652, for the great devotion of the faithful and for some graces that, it is said, the statue of the Virgin placed in this church granted to the sick and sick, the building was rebuilt in the current forms and dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow. The ancient festival dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow is celebrated every year in Colà in the first week of August, with a solemn mass in this very church.
The building has a hut facade, consists of a single rectangular classroom and is oriented to the west. On the left side, an all-round arch houses the altar of the Passion, while on the opposite wall there is a mural depicting the "Death to Dead Christ"; on the sides of the triumphal arch is depicted the Annunciation; In the bezel of the back wall of the presbytery is painted the "Madonna of the Snow": the various interior frescoes are the work of the painter Casimiro Salvelli and date back to the middle of the twentieth century.