Walking cultural tours

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Lazise Old Town

Walking tour of the old town of Lazise, during which we will stay in the most significant places, the castle and the three doors in which it is enclosed, the Dogana Veneta and the Church of St. Nicolò, to learn about the history of our country, origins, customs and customs of the no ancient community.

Between the countryside and Villa Saline

Walking tour through the countryside of Lazise, admiring magnificent landscapes among vineyards and olive trees in a natural setting, to reach Villa Corte Saline, among the most beautiful and interesting and cultural realities of our territory; we will also visit the church, where the weekend is still held; we will continue through the countryside, being able to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from the hills on the lake, towards the church of S.S. Faustino and Giovita, which can only be visited indoors at certain times of the year. Available, on request, at the end of the tour, an aperitif/ refreshment or a full wine tasting at the farm Agricola Le Ginestre