Fireworks in Lazise at 26 December 2021

The usual appointment with the fireworks of Santo Stefano on the Lungolago di Lazise is back, in the contest of of the Christmas markets that will be held from December 27 to January 9, on the same lakefront, in the main square and in the historic center

Christmas in Lazise

Christmas in Lazise

Christmas is finally back in Lazise! the largest market on Lake Garda, will take place from the end of November to the beginning of January on the Marconi lakefront and in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Saturday 27 November, after a long wait, the greatest Christmas on Lake Garda returns to Lazise.


Concert: Sounds of Viennese Classicism

Wednesday 20 October, at 8.30 pm, in the Dogana Veneta in Lazise, ​​classical music concert to celebrate the sounds Viennese Classicism

Honey Fair 2021 in Lazise

Honey Fair 2021 in Lazise

1-2-3 October in the historic center and at the playground of Località Prà del Principe

The largest showcase of Italian honey with a European value.
A large exhibition of honeys, derived from honey, beekeeping equipment and material, publishing, beekeeping associations.

For over 30 years in Lazise del Garda, in the first weed end of October, Italian and European beekeeping takes place the "Honey Days" Fair: the most important fair of Italian honeys of European significance.
Born from the interest and passion for beekeeping of some beekeepers in the area, the "Days of Honey" Fair has reached national importance and is considered the most important annual event for the Municipality of Lazise.
He is a scientific technician, where organizations, institutions, research centers, trade associations, scholars and researchers meet to take stock of developments in the beekeeping sector.

The largest Italian honey market.
For the general public and for the most demanding consumers, the best offer of beehive products: from honeys to royal jelly and propolis in their diversified use in food, cosmetics and natural care.

A valid technical review for beekeepers.
Alongside the products of the hive and its derivatives, the most innovative machines and technical equipment for the breeding of bees, for the processing and transformation of beekeeping products.
The quality honeys of the Italian regions are accompanied by equipment for beekeeping activities and the various products of the hive in their cosmetic application and natural nutrition:

Honeys: single-lancet, polyflora and typical fine honeys
Beehive products: propolis, pollen, beeswax, wax leaves and special gelatin
Food products based on honey: sweets, confectionery specialties, drinks and liqueurs, cured meats and gastronomic specialties
Derivative products: for herbal medicine, cosmetics and natural care
Natural products and aromatic herbs
Hives, honey extractors, frames, uncapping machines, equipment and systems for professional and hobby beekeeping
Health products for the prophylaxis, feeding and care of bees
Queen bees and swarms of bees
Specialized technical press
Sector publishing
Research centers, associations and servants


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